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Resilient Tourism Flagship

Our Podcast Series is live!

September 27, 2023
Podcast Resilient Tourism Flagship

We are excited to announce that Season 1 of the Resilient Tourism Podcast Series is finally available.  We brought 15 Swiss travel experts and professionals from all corners of Switzerland to share their best success stories and recommendations on the digital transformation of the travel sector. There are episodes for everyone: in English, German, French or Italian, so do not miss it out!

The Resilient Tourism Podcast Series seeks to inspire innovation and the digital transformation of the travel sector in Switzerland. We hope that this podcast will encourage tourism and hospitality professionals to learn more about the use of data and digital technologies, while embracing the digital transformation of the sector.  

In Season 1, you will hear the testimonies of 15 Swiss travel experts, including researchers, consultants, destination organizations, hotel managers, start-ups and technology companies, and many other industry stakeholders. By interviewing these stakeholders, we wanted to showcase some success stories in data-driven and digital projects around Switzerland and get the insights of those who believe in the power and benefits of digitalization.   
To celebrate and represent our country's multicultural identity, the first season includes episodes in four distinct languages. Recording these interviews was fun and so interesting, so don't wait any longer to dive into our first season!  

And…get ready for an even more exciting second season, which is already being recorded!