About Us

Resilient Tourism is a 4-year project funded by the Innosuisse Flagship Initiative. It aims at supporting the datafication of the travel sector in Switzerland, in order to create resilient digitally supported services, business processes and business models.

It is a large project led by 6 Swiss institutions and more than 30 industry partners. This website is dedicated to the activities included in Subproject 4, led by EHL Hospitality Business School (EHL) and the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons (FHGR).

Within Subproject 4, EHL and FHGR are in charge of the communication, coordination and orchestration of the overall Flagship. We aim at amplifying the outputs of the first three subprojects by generating dialogues within and beyond the primary stakeholders of the project, as well as fostering the digital transformation of the Swiss travel sector.

For more information on the overall Flagship, please visit the website:


Our main activities are :

Creating a 4-season podcast and video series on digital transformation
Coaching tourism SMEs in their digital transformation
Creating a collaboration space (“hub”) to facilitate the design and execution of applied research projects in Switzerland
Managing internal and external communication
Organizing the annual Flagship conference
Coordinating the Flagship

Our Team


Alessandro Inversini

Associate Professor at EHL Hospitality Business School


Maggie Meng-Mei Chen

Assistant Professor at EHL Hospitality Business School


Amélie Keller

Flagship Project Coordinator at EHL Hospitality Business School


Jan Mosedale

Lecturer, Head of Research at FH Graubünden

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This Resilient Tourism Flagship has been designed
by six research institutions in partnership